LeVarn Photograph Project 1935-1938

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LeVarn Photograph Project 1935-1938


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George LeVarn, a young talented photographer, moved to Cambridge, MD with his wife Anne and young daughter Carol in the 1930s. He opened a studio in downtown Cambridge and operated it until 1938.

Most of the photographs were taken of local scenes and people of Dorchester County. He also did photographic work for Colonel Albanus Phillips and for Walter Chrysler. He documented President Roosevelt's visit at the dedication of the Emerson Harrington Bridge.

Many thanks to Mr. LeVarn's daughter, Carol LeVarn McCabe, and his son, Doc LeVarn, who was born in Cambridge. They donated their father's works to the Dorchester County Public Library. Without their generosity and thoughtfulness, the library wouldn't have the opportunity of providing our community with a piece of its heritage that might easily have remained lost to us.


George LeVarn


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Carol LeVarn McCabe and Doc LeVarn


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Collection Items

Boy Scouts on a Trip
Group on Boy Scout trip. Dr. Tom Flowers helped to identify the gentleman on the left of the first row as Emmett Andrews.

Goose Hunting
Goose hunting. Left is Walter Chrysler and right is Colonel Albanus Phillips. The car behind them is a Chrysler Airflow.

Goose hunting.
Goose hunting. Left is Grason Winterbottom, middle is Walter Chrysler and right is Colonel Albanus Phillips.

Goose Hunting
Goose hunting. First on the left is Grason Winterbottom, the second unknown, the third is Colonel Albanus Phillips and the fourth is unknown. Behind them is a Ford, 1933-1934.

House of Grason Winterbottom
House of Grason Winterbottom around Christmas at 115 Mill St. in Cambridge MD

Goose Hunting
Goose hunting. Left is Colonel Albanus Phillips, right is unknown.

Men with Fish
Left is unknown, in the middle is Howard Buck Sherman, the salesman for Linthicum Car Dealership. On the right is Charlie Linthicum.

Kitchen in LeVarn house at 806 Maryland Ave.

Anne LeVarn and Carol LeVarn in front of their house
Anne LeVarn and Carol LeVarn in front of their house

Oyster Dredging Boats
Oyster dredging boats. On the left behind the pole is Ivy Leonard Oyster House (IL Lenonards Inc. Co. ) at Cambridge Creek
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